Half Marathon Training Program


16 Weeks

Whether you’re going for your first Half or a faster Half, I’ll work with you to get you to the start line and the finish line with a smile on your face. ChiRunning training programs are packed with technique lessons, workouts, fueling and hydration tips, and everything else you’ll need for the best Half ever!

For beginners, we offer a unique five phase 16 week format. This program will teach you the foundation of the ChiRunning technique in manageable, weekly lessons, followed by long distance form practice to build aerobic and cardiovascular capacity, and a mastery phase where you’ll practice specific aspects of your event and overcoming obstacles to your success.

For intermediate runners, learn the foundation of the ChiRunning technique in only 12 weeks while increasing your aerobic and cardiovascular capacity, improving efficiency, and staying injury-free! You’ll also receive race-specific training to prepare you for any challenge you might encounter during your race. This program is designed for intermediate runners looking to improve their half marathon performance.