Work With Mike

Abiding by his personal motto, “care, candor, communication, and Chi,” Certified ChiRunning & Walking Instructor Michael takes great pride in the success of his clients. He brings a special empathy to his work with clients and recognizes that undergoing any type of personal transformation or development is not always an easy thing to do. A competitive athlete since Junior High School, Mike works with novice walkers and runners to elite athletes in private or group settings. If you’re curious to explore your potential, don’t push your goals aside any longer. Give Mike a call today!

Group Workshops

Group training is a wonderful option for beginners and experienced runners and walkers to discover the transformative power of ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® alongside others. Participants will receive comprehensive instruction in either running or walking that meets the needs of individuals at a variety of fitness and experience levels.

Private & Semi-Private Workshops

ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® provides training for individuals of all levels across both disciplines of running and walking. Private and semi-private training is a great way to receive in-depth instruction with personalized feedback. Working out with a small group of friends is also great way to save money. You create the group, and I will coordinate the rest.

Customized Programs

Tri Chi Walk & Run offers customized training programs for individuals interested in working toward a specific goal from walk-to-run 5K's to marathons. Clients receive individual instruction and a personalized program.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is a critical tool for improving walking and running technique to reduce injury and become more energy efficient. Clients love to see what their foot strike, arms swing, hip rotation, posture and overall form really look like. Video analysis is the single best way for clients to receive and internalize personalized feedback based on visual inspection of their existing technique.

CEC Program through ACE

If you are a personal trainer or other health care professional certified by ACE (American Council on Exercise), as a Certified ChiRunning & Walking Instructor, I can offer continuing education credits (CEC's).